To market, to market

… buy a fat pig?
Well someone did, actually!
And someone bought a cow, and a ram, and a bull, and a horse, and a rhino, and a zebra, and so the list goes on…

Thursday night saw us at the Kingsland Fraft market where there was mulled wine, live music, clever makers, and many pleasant conversations. If you missed out, you are an unlucky sod! But not completely unlucky because here are links to some of the vendors so you can perhaps peruse their goods from the comfort of your sofa, so to speak.
Hunter Gatherer
Let Birds Fly
Made and Found Market
The Bread and Butter Letter
Middle Name Jane
Lisa F design

Then on Saturday, we spent a lovely day at the Auckland Art and Craft Fair sandwiched in between Run Cutie and Doppel – wonderful companions for the day.

If you missed out on something you had your eye on, send me an email at or have a squizz at the shop to see if it’s there. I’ve got a bunch of stuff on sale so you may even snaffle yourself a bargain!

That’s me for the weekend, folks! Hope it’s been a good one.


Busy as bees

It’s all on this week…we’ve got two markets that we’re participating in so it’s all hands on deck to get things ready. If you’re in the area, do pop in to say hi. On Thursday night we’ll be at the Kingsland Fraft market which is always a great night. As well as all the amazing visual and culinary treats there will be live music and mulled wine — just the thing to help us into the festive spirit! I’m sure we’ll all be merry and bright by the end of the evening! On Saturday we’re debuting at the Auckland Art and Craft Fair. This is a huge event with heaps of clever artists and craftspeople so it’s well worth a squizz. But for now it’s back to work for me! Over and out.
fraft and aacf

Christmas ideas for Mumsie

Thought I might do a wee gift ideas list for you who are stumped! First up is your dear mum slash mum-in-law who is more than likely the easiest person to buy for ‘cos she just loves anything that you get her. But still. You want to get her something new and different that will let her know just how alright you think she is, and how grateful you are that she carried you in-utero for 9 months.

Clockwise from top left:

Button magnets
Cushion cover
Vintage button ring
Card wallet

Animal Magnet[ism]

These guys are fair rocking out the door! I can barely keep up with demand…in fact I can’t – I’ve got some on pre-order! For some reason I can’t stop thinking of them all as boys. I even feel compelled to call the nanny goat a him!

They are very obliging: have them hold your notes, stand guard at your workstation or add some spunk to your fridge. They’ll even take charge of your filing cabinet if it’s metal.

Loved equally by kids and adults, guys and gals.

These guys are coated in at least three layers of gloss black paint and containing magnets in their bisected bellies. They can hold notes, photographs, and business cards. Have some fun making it look like they can walk through a wall of cardboard! Visitors will do a double take when they see them emerging from your fridge. Buy more than one and chop and change bums to heads to make new creatures!

They are a great gift – if you can bear to let them go once they’re in your hot little hands!