Allow me to introduce you to the cutest wee addition to your handbag: the upcycled card/coin wallet!

Measuring approximately 9x13cm, I made sure they fit ALL my cards (I have about 30!) and no cash or coins are going to fall out of this puppy. My phone even fits too…but I don’t have a fancy i-phone or anything. Super sweet and super useful, who can limit their collection to only one?

What sets these card wallets apart from so many others out there is that they are hand-crafted in New Zealand (no sweat-shop labour, thanks!) from scraps of fabric that were destined for the bin. Therefore they are not mass-produced and they are eco-friendly! I’m a bit of a perfectionist, so you can be sure your wallet is not going to fall apart the minute you open it.

Priced at $18 each, these are perfect as a gift for yourself, a friend, a mother, a sister, a daughter…………you get the idea. But if you like it, you’d best get in quick because, in true AVIVA style, we make limited runs of our products and you might miss out! Buy them here.


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