Be mine, be mine tonight…

I KNOW, RIGHT?! I have been totally off the grid and it feels fabulous. But now it’s back into things. And what better way to kick start this blog’s year than to spend it talking about LURRRRVE? There are valentine themed offerings everywhere you look on the net: things to cook, places to dine, things to craft, ways to woo… So I thought I’d add my contribution: why not say it with magnets…..?! AND, the best bit is that it’s like a double entendre: Like the magnets say SWEET HEART, but you’re also saying “I’m stuck on you”. Or the magnets say XOX but you’re also saying “You pull me in”. OR the magnets spell out I RATE U but the hidden message is “You are the North to my South”.
valentine magnetsCheck out more ideas in the SHOP
I’m going to sign off with this gem: this one’s for you, Alex (you know who you are)
valentine magnets2


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