Auckland Art and Craft Fair interviews us

The clock is ticking down towards the Auckland Art and Craft Fair on Dec 8. If you haven’t marked it in your diary yet, you’d better just pop off and do that now because you’re totally going to want to be there! Our interview is up — if you’re interested you can read it here.


Christmas ideas for Mumsie

Thought I might do a wee gift ideas list for you who are stumped! First up is your dear mum slash mum-in-law who is more than likely the easiest person to buy for ‘cos she just loves anything that you get her. But still. You want to get her something new and different that will let her know just how alright you think she is, and how grateful you are that she carried you in-utero for 9 months.

Clockwise from top left:

Button magnets
Cushion cover
Vintage button ring
Card wallet