bear with….bear with….

You can be forgiven for thinking there’s been nothing to report on due to the lack of – well – reports. Au Contraire! Not only am I planning for the Collaborative Community Exhibition in just over a month, but I have been selected to show at the Auckland Art and Craft Fair on December 8th. Mark it in your diary, spread the word and come on down to the Aotea Centre and say hi.

As well as working towards these, I’m always uploading more stock to the shop. Here’s a selection of the most recent additions.

Unfortunately, as well as all the usual business busy-ness, my Grandad-in-law passed away last week so we had an unexpected trip to Christchurch to say bye to him. It’s always sad to lose someone, no matter what a great and long life they have lived. We had a lovely time with the family, though. I do like it that the T.V. doesn’t get turned on and everyone is right there in the moment, sharing stories and cherishing being together. So. Sad but happy. Life’s often full of paradoxical moments, right?


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